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20. - 26. September 2010: World week for the Abolition of Meat

Termindatum:Montag, 20. September 2010Startzeit:09:00h
Enddatum:Sonntag, 26. September 2010Ende:11:00h
Kategorie:Diverses   Diverses

Please join activists worldwide for the World Week for Abolition of Meat from 20 – 26 September, 2010!



The past world days for the abolition of meat were a huge success. And as we know that this demand is a very important one we decided to hold this day on a more regular basis. So starting from now actions should take place in the week of the last Saturday of the months of January, May and September. This means the next action week will be from 20 until 26 September, 2010.



On the occasion of the past action days various events were held in over 50 cities in following countries: Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.


Many thanks to all individuals and animal rights groups who raised their voices for the cause of the oppressed animals and expressed the idea that our societies have to ban the killing of animals for food! It was really important for us to know that on the same day people in various places throughout the world were making the same political demand: we have to stop the mass murder of animals!


We believe it is high time to make a public demand for the abolition of meat. However, this demand should not be valid during 3 weeks a year only, but by accumulation of the number of happenings locally, nationally and internationally.


It is also time to bring together our forces and make the animals´ suffering as visible as possible. And it is about declaring the goal that finally needs to be discussed by our societies without any tabu: Abolition of breeding, hunting and fishing.


Let´s hope that the number individual actions keeps on growing in more and more places and the same should apply to our ever-growing determination, imagination and visibility.


Please join the coming World Week for Abolition of Meat from 20 until 26 September.


If you plan to organise actions to raise public awareness please let us know and send your reports to meatabolition@yahoo.com so that we can publish them on time.


Please support the movement for abolition of meat


If your group decides to support the movement for abolition of meat explicitly, please send us your logo and your web address and sign in to the list on our web site. This will enormously help to gain more public attention and credibility.



Be part of the discussion group:





You can take part in the French discussion group here: <http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/abolitiongroup/>





Links :



International/English: <http://nomoremeat.org/> (this website is being renewed)

 ; <http://en.m-eat.org/wiki/Main_Page> ; <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meatabolition> ;


Deutsch: <http://www.abschaffungvonfleisch.blogspot.com> ; <http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/abschaffungvonfleisch/>


Español: <http://en.m-eat.org/wiki/FAQSP>


Français: <http://abolir-la-viande.org/CP/2009-01-26/journee-abolition-viande.html> ; <http://fr.m-eat.org> ; <http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/abolitiongroup/>


Italiano: <http://aboliamolacarne.blogspot.com>



The beginning of the movement in France :
The issue of the abolition of meat was debated for the first time at the “Estivales de la question animale” ("The question of the animal summer gathering") in August 2005 :




Addtional reflections in a personal blog :




Discussion group :




The first discussion group was followed by a similar list in English in 2007:




Meat abolition manifest :


"Abolir la viande" : <http://www.cahiers-antispecistes.org/spip.php?article363>

or : <http://www.cahiers-antispecistes.org/IMG/pdf/abolir-la-viande.pdf>


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