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10.08.07bis13.08.07Klima, Umwelt Appelscha: Ánimal Rights Gathering 2007
Appelscha (Ooststellingwerf)The global animal rights gathering will take place for the 4th time in the Netherlands. At friday the 10th of august till monday the 13th of august 2007 the gathering will take place in Appelscha, in the North of Holland. This is a beautiful site next to a wood. It will have good facilities and plenty of workshops. The global footballcompetion will take place as well, as England won last time after cheating Italy, now it\'s up for everyone to go for it.

On thursday the 8th of august a big march will take place passing by vivisection and furtargets in the streets of Amsterdam. Sleeping places are arranged and we will all move to the gathering in the evening.

Ofcourse ideas for workshops and volunteers are appreciated. We have brainstormed for some new ideas and we are up for surprising everyone this year (in a positive direction ofcourse)

One of our maingoals is to start new global targets in existing or new battles. We\'re thinking especially in the fur and circuses directions. One of the things gatherings like these have shown is that global
targeting is one of the most effective of all. Look at Zara dropping out of the furtrade in one week! Now it\'s time to do our homework and work together.

The website www.ar2007.info will be online in march and a contactaddress announced.

So for all non-europeans - you can book your tickets now! For those who wants to come over earlier or stay longer, sleepingplaces will be available. Demos will take place everyweek. You can book tickets to
Amsterdam. A train will go to the north and transportation arranged.

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