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Kleve: Greenpeace's Vegan Running Dinner

Termindatum:Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017Startzeit:18:00hVegan/Vegetarisch
Enddatum:Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017Ende:02:00h
Kategorie:Vegan   Vegan
Gastgeber: Greenpeace Kleve
Are you ready for... the GREENPEACE VEGAN RUNNING DINNER?!
This year's vegan running dinner will be held on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15.
Participation is easy – you can register until WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 by completing the application form found in the link https://goo.gl/forms/nMl9j03XyCpcc8oF2 with the following information:
- Your personal information
- Information on food allergies and ingredients that you really, absolutely, sit-in-a-corner-sobbing hate and won't eat no matter what ;-)
On this fabulous winter night you will have the pleasure to meet 12 different human beings (in teams of 2) for three different courses in three different locations: 4 at the appetizer, 4 at the main dish, and 4 at the desert. One of these courses will be cooked by you (yes, you!) at your place in Kleve (people not living in Kleve please form a team with somebody with space to host people in Kleve :-) ), which is the reason we need your address.
After the registration is over we will arrange who's going to dine with whom (it's some serious maths and computer stuff and actually not far from magic, let me tell you, people..) and inform you which course you will have to prepare (for 6 people if you would like to eat too) and where you will be having your other two courses.
And those of you who will make some new foodie-friends throughout the evening and want to catch up at the end of the night – don't fret! There will be an afterparty at ZENTRALE (the bar down the street of Le Journal, for the higher semesters amog us: where Wohnzimmer used to be) where you will have the chance to meet the other participants and brag about all the tongue-tickling wonders you got to taste, or alternatively share that story of how you seriously burned your own dish but your guests totally didn't notice.
Since we had great feedback last year we hope that you will join in great numbers again and will have just as much – if not more – fun this year.
Quick reminder at this point - VEGAN means that the dish does not contain any of the following: -Meat/fish
-Eggs, milk (of course you can use alternative milk made from almonds, coconut, soy, rice,...) and dairy products in general
-Honey, or any other animal products you can think of
-If you want to serve wine, watch out for the vegan symbol on the bottle.
The Greenpeace Vegan Running Dinner is a chance for everybody to try their hands (and kitchen utensils) at vegan cuisine and just have fun experimenting with something new. However, if you are already a pro at veganism and can bake a vegan cheesecake (yes, it's a thing and it's so delicious that you want to lie down in it – face down) in your sleep, then here's this year's challenge for you: try to use only seasonal and regional products for your dish! Let's see those brand new wintery, heart warming, tummy filling recipes you come up with! :-)
If you have any more questions just shoot us an email or a message via our Facebook page and we'll get back to you.
And now go sign up for the feast! :-)
Your Greenpeace Kleve Team
Veröffentlicht von Gast am 19.11.17 und genehmigt von Administrator

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